Free From Terror


Original Songs of Liberation
by Richard Ochs


Music Videos

"Nine Eleven Some Luck" - at the 9/11 Truth rally in NYC

"JFK Magic Bullet a Lie" - at the National Press Club in DC about the Kennedy Assassination

"The Ballad of Freddie Gray" - solo

"The Ballad of Freddie Gray" - slides with band

"Stop Killer Cops"

"Surprise Attacks a Lie" - rapping war history at National Occupy Wall Street in Philadelphia, 2012

"Surprise Attacks a Lie" - slide show

"To Control Us"


Song Lyrics

9/11 Truth for Peace Song Book

Sing the new protest songs for today!

"Anthrax Attack" lyrics

"JFK Assassination Song" lyrics

"JFK Killed, War Lies & 9/11"lyrics

"Surprise Attacks a Lie" lyrics (full) - False U.S. War Pretexts & 9/11

"Surprise Attacks a Lie" Abridged - for 8-1/2" x 14" printing

More songs and poems by R. Ochs



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